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The jewellery in this collection draws on the flourishing ancestral tradition of spirituality and energy on India. It has all been created and hand-crafted in India in partnership with Les Muses Barbier Mueller, Geneva.

"The creations illustrate Estaa's skill in drawing from the rich and diverse heritage of India, as well as their uncanny ability to reconcile traditional and contemporary sources of inspiration. Pratik confides that reviving an object means giving it new energy — an approach that resonates with the museum's mission to honour the inventiveness of the people and the diversity of their creations.


The family structure of Estaa, their aspirations in terms of quality and aesthetics, and their need to inspire and be inspired, made them a natural choice in partners for Les Muses BM. In order to ensure the unique character of the jewellery in the Prerna collection, as well as the authenticity of its rendering and creation, the artistic direction of the collections is entrusted to Pratik Shah and Valentine Barbier-Mueller.


All of the jewellery has been created and hand-crafted in India, the source of inspiration for this collection. This extraordinary creative work would not have been possible without the invaluable guidance of the team at the Barbier-Mueller Museum, who put their expertise and passion to work for our brand, whose soul reflects the history of the cultures at the root of this jewellery."



Monique and Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller founded the museum that bears their name in 1977. Its mission is the conservation, study and sharing of world cultures through the arts. The Barbier-Mueller Museum houses the largest private collection of primitive art in the world. ​The Barbier-Mueller Museum's collection of jewellery from India attests to the continuity and evolution of an age-old tradition.


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