The Devimāhātmyam, translated 'Glory of the Goddess,' an ancient Sanskrit text composed in 400 AD, speaks of a heinous battle between the Gods and the demon Mahishasura who could not be killed by any man. The gods combined their divine energies and created the warrior goddess - Kali, who destroyed the demon and his army.

These battles take place even today- in our psyches. The Gods represent truth, while the demon and his armies- everything that keeps us from living in truth- our fears, independence, self-worth, self-doubt and so on. Kali is the fierce feminine, and the hibiscus petal is her tongue, and so is offered to her.

The Arya collection are an homage to the fierce feminine - graceful, wonderful natural forms handcrafted in Titanium, the strongest metal in the universe.


Handcrafted titanium hibiscus earrings with rubies, diamonds and 18kt gold.


'She wore flowers in her hair and carried magic secrets in her eyes.' Handcrafted titanium geranium earrings with diamonds and 18kt gold.