Jayantilal Chandulal Mehta came from a tiny village called Palanpur in the state of Gujarat, now known as the Diamond City because of its diamond merchants.
He became a site holder for the South African DeBeers Diamond Trading Corporation which produces 70% of the world’s diamond supply. He set up cutting and polishing factories in Gujurat and moved to Bombay to establish the trade throughout the world. He specialised in rare white and fancy colored diamonds.

His daughter, Swati Shah grew up traveling the world and developed a passion for designing jewelry for her father’s rare stones. Swati decided to pursue her dreams and crafted her first collection of 40 earrings using diamonds and gemstones set in gold, all handmade. She sold them to clients in Bombay and New York to an overwhelming response.


Was a great year for jewelers in India. Exports of gems and jewellery contributed 14% of the country’s GDP. The best craftsmen were all in Bombay and producing jewels in large manufacturing set-ups. This is when Swati's son- Pratik, had just returned with a business degree from Bryant University, USA, and became an apprentice at the best of these factories - Tara Jewels. 

Whirring 3D Printers, state-of-the-art machines employing the ancient technique of lost-wax casting, triple axis machines forging 3D drawings of jewelry into life, lay alongside third generation craftsmen from all over India. Pratik was part of the product development department, where he learned everything he could about crafting high quality jewelry.

In 2006 he set up a catalog jewelry retail business and launched it successfully in 4 cities across India.


Pratik joined Giantti as Vice President, with his mother Swati as the head of the company.


Giantti collaborated with Italian high jewelry brands- Stefan Hafner and Roberta Porrati; Gold and enamel jewelry from La Nouvelle Bague; a brand created by an architect jeweler called IoSi; Calgaro - an Italian goldsmith specialising in chains and mesh gold; and Rosato - a brand specialising in bejewelled charms with innovative enamelling. 


Swati & Pratik founded Estaa.

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